A system for evaluating and training staff will help

Ideal solution for large companies and corporations
A new experience of familiar actions
Achieve your goals in just a few clicks
Evaluate the main advantages of the Edstein system
All for your convenience
We will make it from scratch for your company. Let's create a cool product in corporate colors. We love even those who hate learning.
The design is beautiful
Course assignments and training are just a few clicks away. All courses in a single window. Intuitive logic.
Everyone will understand
Game mechanics will make learning fun and enjoyable. The motivation system is clearly thought out. Course builder to diversify the flow.
You won't have to yawn
Upload data about employees and their results. Track your training in real time. Create reports in a moment.
Click analytics
Our platform is highly customizable and adaptable to your company's needs:
Install in the cloud or locally
HTTP API and Webhooks for integration with your company's tools
Extensive customization and automation capabilities allow you to fully adapt Edstein to your company's structure and processes.
Modularity allows you to flexibly expand Edstein to suit your needs
You buy not only the system, but also our experience
We will tell you how to properly build training
Let's share our own methodological research
We will help to spark the company's staff with the idea of training
We will give you a list of the necessary activities and printed materials
We will form a policy on training for protection in front of the management
Let's follow the first stage of training
Our weakness is satisfied customers
Yes, we have many weaknesses
Is that all? Of course not
High product reliability, constant testing, attentive support service, easy integration with HR systems. Leave a request now — we will tell you everything in person.
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